Catalina Segways

Off-road Xt Adventure

Our Off Road Xt Adventure Tour explores the routes least traveled, through wooded canyons and hills atop an Off-road Segway XT, specifically designed and built for off-road use. Rugged terrain provides thrills as you navigate your XT through sights and areas seldom seen by most visitors to Catalina Island. This is an almost exclusively local secret, virtually unknown to almost all except those lucky enough to stumble upon it, (highly unlikely) or those who participate in our tour.  Local guides will help you tackle a glide through panoramic views of the town and the Pacific Ocean from high above Avalon Canyon. They will share personal insight into our unique Eco-environment, fauna, flora, and rich history, making this a memorable, rewarding vacation experience acquired in a most unusual way. This is a fun, safe, sight-seeing trek for the adventurous spirited, or the just plain curious, and is not a high performance tour.  Approximately 1 1/2 to two hours. Participation by pregnant guests is precluded. Weight limits are between 120 and 240 lbs. Participants should be able to stand for extended periods of time (at least 1/2 Hr.) Those with back problems should not consider riding Segways. Wear clothing appropriate to the season. Long trousers and closed toed shoes preferred. Bring sunscreen and bottled water. Consumption of adult beverages is prohibited. Do not forget your camera! Call 310-510-9665  for  Reservations or Reserve on-line

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Schedules and prices are subject to change without notice, updated March 2011