Catalina Segways

Catalina Segways

Our tours are not only the most fun way to explore Avalon; we also impart historical knowledge of Catalina.  You will have fond memories of an experience and excursion unlike any other.  You will receive superb personal service from your guide while you explore the town of Avalon in an easy, effortless way.

Frequent Questions and Answers

What is a Segway?
The Segway human transporter is the very first of its kind: a self balancing personal transporter designed to go anywhere people go. This high-tech two wheeled devise has five gyroscopes to monitor your balance more than 100 times per second, and microprocessors and redundant critical systems to automatically adjust to every movement. Lean forward to move forward, lean backward to slow or move backward. The Segway senses your every move and responds to insure safety.

Is learning to ride a Segway as easy as it sounds?
Yes!  Much easier than you think, and infinitely easier than riding a bike.  Riding A Segway is intuitive and as natural as walking. It may be one of the easiest things you learn to do. It WILL be the most fun.

How can I learn to ride a Segway?
Our first time participants are given on board training by our experienced guides in our controlled, safe training area.  Training includes all aspects of safe Segway use.

Can I try a test drive/ ride ?
We do not offer test rides. Come with us on a tour. You won't regret it, and it will be the most fun you've had on two wheels!

Where do we ride?
Tours start at the Golf Gardens Plaza on Sumner Avenue. Glide in and around the City of Avalon, from the Casino to the Wrigley Memorial Garden, on your own personal Island Chariot, and courteously share the sidewalks and streets with others.

How long and how fast do we ride?
Our tour lengths vary depending on the routes traveled, time constraints of our clients and tour chosen. The main tour lasts approximately one and one half hours including training time, and speed is limited to surroundings, and a relaxing, enjoyable tour pace.

Who can ride?
Tour participants must have the ability to be able to stand for the period of time the tour will last, with short breaks en route, and be able to step on and off the Segway without assistance. Some physical and mobility issues preclude riding safely. You may call to discuss.

Can we take pictures?
Don't forget your camera! There are frequent opportunities to take pictures and memorialize your Avalon Segway adventure.

Are there restrooms available on the tours?
There are restrooms available at several points along our route.

What should I wear?
Dress appropriately for the weather. Closed toed shoes, rather than sandals or flip flops are recommended. In summer, sunscreen is also a good idea.

Do you rent Segways individually?
Segway rentals are not part of our service. All our tours require a guide.

What are tour requirements.?

  • Participants must Wear a helmet ( provided ).
  • Be 16 years old or more. Under 18 years of age must be accompanied   by a parent, grandparent or guardian.
  • Riders must: weigh between 80 and 240 pounds.
  • Sign a waiver. ( Under 18 waiver must be signed by accompanying  parent / guardian ).
  • Satisfactorily  complete  the Segway Training with an instructor
  • Show understanding and willingness to comply with Island Chariots “Rules of the Road” and our policy of Courtesy to Fellow Pedestrians.

Are custom or group tours available?
Yes. We offer several specially customized tours:
Twilight tours for small groups or couples, that start before dusk and end before full dark.
Short AM wake up tours for coffee and a Croissant or Danish – Coffee  and a Roll
Picnic tour for couples – inclusive of food and nonalcoholic beverage.
Full dark glide.

Do I need reservations?
Reservations are recommended, but not required. Walk-ins are welcome, but summer tours, and Cruise Ship Calling Day tours, fill rapidly. Please book in advance. 

How do I contact Customer Service?
Our customer service number is the same as our reservation number 310-510-9665.

What is your Refund Policy?
We will refund your payment in full if you contact us by phone at  310-510-9665 at least 24 hours prior to your reserved tour departure time. All cancellations must be made by phone.  Reservations may not be canceled by E-mail. Reservations may not be canceled less than 24 hours prior to your reserved tour departure time.

Are on-line reservations on a secure site?
Yes, all on line reservations are handled by secure system.  Once we receive personally identifiable information as part of the reservation process, we take steps to protect its security on our systems. In the event we request or transmit sensitive information, such as credit card information, we use industry standard, secure socket layer ("SSL") encryption

All information supplied to us is strictly for our use in reserving your tour.  None of you personal information will be shared in any manner with third parties.

Our tours operate seven days a week, year round.

Regular tours do not include meals, beverage, gratuities or souvenirs.

Schedules and prices are subject to change without notice, updated March 2011