Catalina Segway Tours

Our Catalina Island Segway Tours are the most fun way to explore Avalon and we also impart historical knowledge of Catalina. You will have fond memories of an experience and excursion unlike any other. You will receive superb personal service from your guide while you explore the town of Avalon in an easy, effortless way.

All of our Catalina Island Segway Tours start, with a brief training session at the Tour Plaza in the center of Avalon, where each guest is also equipped with a communication device so they will be in contact with their tour guide at all times during their tour.

Daily Tours

These tours may be reserved online with a minimum of 1 day notice
We offer 3 Daily Tours:

The 1½ Hr. Avalon Scenic Tour
Catalina Segway scenic tour along waterfront

The 1½ Hr. Segway Hogsback Tour

The 1½ to 2 Hr. Off-Road XT Adventure Tour.

 3 Day Advance Tours
These tours may be reserved online with a minimum of 3 day advance notice
We offer 3 Tours with a 3 day advance booking

The 2½ Hr. Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden Segway Tour

 Segway & Golf Cart Combos:

We offer daily 4 and 6 passenger golf cart and our Segway XT Off-Road tour as a combination. There is a minimum of 2 Segway riders, however you may reserve up to 8 total Segway riders. See Segway & Golf Cart Combos page for details
This tour is affected by weather and road conditions and may be cancelled without prior notice

Previous Off-Road Segway experience is required for this tour. You will be required to sign a waiver with agreement and compliance prior to this tour.


Golf Cart Rentals

We also offer daily 4 and 6 passenger golf carts, which are supplied by our affiliate company Catalina Island Golf Cart from their Cartopia lot at 625 Crescent Ave. and my be booked online on our Golf Cart Rentals page
Catalina Island Golf cart view from above Avalon Harbor

Segway Requirements, Restrictions and Recommendations:

Closed toe shoes with low heels are a requirement for balance. Tennis shoes are preferred. NO High Heels
No children under age 16 * Min. weight is 120 pounds * Max. weight limit is 240 pounds * No back problems or pregnancies * Guests must be able to stand for extended periods (at least 1/2 hour) * Consumption of adult beverages is prohibited * Wear clothing suitable to the season *  Bring sunscreen and bottled water * Don’t forget your camera! (Golf Cart Requirements are explained on our Combo and Golf Cart pages.)

About Segways:

The Segway human transporter is the very first of its kind: a self balancing personal transporter designed to go anywhere people go. This high-tech two wheeled device has five gyroscopes to monitor your balance more than 100 times per second, and microprocessors and redundant critical systems to automatically adjust to every movement. Lean forward to move forward, lean backward to slow or move backward. The Segway senses your every move and responds to insure safety.

Learning to ride a Segway is easy. It is much easier than you think, and infinitely easier than riding a bike. Riding A Segway is intuitive and as natural as walking. It may be one of the easiest things you learn to do. It will be the most fun. All participants are given on board training by our experienced guides in our controlled, safe training area. Training includes all aspects of safe Segway use.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Reservations must be paid in full at time of booking.
  • No refunds on cancellations made after 24 hours before tour departure time
    or One Hours after reservation is made (for reservations made less than 24
    hrs. prior to tour time).
  • No-Shows will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations must be in writing by E-Mail to info@catalinaislandgolfcart.com
    No penalties for valid cancellations
  • Check-in at our office (see location map) 15 minutes prior to Reserved Tour Time. Tour begins promptly at the Reserved tour time
  • An approximately 15 minute brief training period is included in the allotted tour time